Misery Bay Ice Fishing Tournament on Presque Isle – Erie Pennsylvania 2019 – WPA Hardwater Series

so here’s Presque Isle here’s where we come in on we drove the whole way up through here come the whole way around and right here’s where we’re at right now we’ll be coming launching off here into misery Bay last season we came off the city side and we came off and fished the main Bay Area here but since that’s right over here we’re at that’s the city side and right here is misery Bay see lots of the guys out there already fishing and so I am standing right here you are here so this is misery Bay this is where the day 1 tournament I will not be able to fish the second tournament on Sunday this will be in the marina lake as what they have planned but this is where we’ll be tomorrow and like you said here’s the main channel that brings Lake Erie into Presque Isle Bay so basically there’s where the main channel of the Lake Erie comes in this is Presque Isle Bay and as it wraps around Perry monument come into misery alright Cody and I are waiting for the gates to open into Presque Isle Park Park doesn’t open to 5:00 so we got a long string of guys and these are all ice fishermen waiting in line there’s the park sign up there to get in to the park so we can get registration started what do you say Cody ready as we’ll ever be and the gate is open Cody’s been doing pretty good catching the fish every go Cody how many got in the bucket how many you got in the bucket we need we need to scrape by check everyone check that one check that one my goodness this is crazy come on there’s got to be some big ones in here somewhere Oh won’t let this be a good one caught them a transducer they’re hitting good today but it’s just no size to them we’ve been bouncing around a little bit and Fred Rick green made up to the world today and we have some but need some more for 10 fish limit throw a little one way got a lot back because they’re just really you gotta be at least seven inches risky back my mic blew off my GoPro so overall Cody’s been with my but this morning he caught a pile more fish than me but in the end we got 10 cooking some venison on the ice in misery Bay can’t get any better than that I see gusts over there Billy are over there not very far to open water but it’s still safe it’s about six inches even 50-yard from open water steelhead yeah checker gloves off from your sleeves pull up your elbows why you think I’m going in now I don’t think so you really cutting into my fishing time me too cutting indoors too so how you guys doing otherwise yeah we got a limit that’s about it think somebody I think got the world on fire yeah kinda crappy yes guys have crappy that’s yeah everyday mean you’d you could add him if you dived in yeah just hire out yeah really that’s crazy what I thought we go this feels like a small one hooked into my transducer here we go Cody it’s just about weigh-in and we got our 10 fish and they’re all perks but I think you’re gonna find some guys got into a couple crappy guys are starting to hit off for the weigh-in still coming in tournaments over we are headed out towards the front of the peninsula at the bait shop that’s where we’re gonna do the weigh-in you can see there’s misery still some guys that haven’t been in the tournament still fishing and so we’re on our way back and the guys that found the crappie we’ve seen some buckets of some really big perch that sizes that we didn’t catch some crappy and the guys who were catching the crappie it’s crappy Z’s are usually always gonna win it unless you can catch some exceptionally large perch and it looks like some guys caught some really large perch we’re gonna be probably in the middle of the pack yeah I see us being somewhere in the second half that’s where I’d like to see us place but you know you never know you know we were fishing with Brad and Shane Reed and Rick and Shane caught a really nice crappie but you know it was just a random spot but guys were concentrated towards the edges catch the crappie we were sort of out in the and a little bit deeper water trying to get the perch did catch some pumpkin seed some of those were pretty decent-sized but those were only gonna help if you you didn’t have very big perch and so we did have some upgrades and we’ve probably caught we caught a lot of fish I mean Cody was raylon men I thought he only had three pictures I already caught 15 but that’s the way it goes we we failed our it was a little bit of a struggle to get our first ten but throughout the day bouncing around picking up a nice one here and there but like again it’s gonna be the guys with the good crap ease and if you can throw in a couple big giant perch in there that’s who’s gonna win it so tomorrow is the second day Cody will be fishing the second day Cody whatever he catches tomorrow that goes through carries the points over and you know so the final weigh-in we won’t be able to get on videotape but you will be able to see some stuff on the western pennsylvania hard water series facebook page follow them they’ll give you updates pictures and sometimes they usually have a live feed of the way and so keep checking for that if you want to see the second day pictures and any type of video of the weigh-in so all right off to the weigh-in right here before you get on into Presque Isle we are at Lake Erie bait and tackle for the weigh-in bunker perch 0.89 he won total weight five point four six total weight five point six zero bunker crappie they are 0.73 total weight five point six eight point nine one your reigning hearing champion bunker crappie point eight one total weight five point five six alright well Noah Noah won this striker suit at kale Lake tournament keep you warm to have fun on the ice catch lots of fish is waterproof right bunker crappie do lunker 1.05 total weight new leader 8.60 good job guys Bobo’s 7.20 all full beer crappy bunker crappy point nine five total weight 8.19 wasn’t happy point six five total weight five point two eight lawyers bunker perch point six six total weight 4.1 129 bunker perch 0.87 total weight four point seven nine teen thirty bunker bluegill 0.59 that’s a big deal yeah total weight 4.65 so thank you point nine three total weight five point six five total weight 8.3 144 lunker perch 1.4 to total weight 7.90 4.0 nine high school totally four point five eight stuffs to plan to give away for just for day one and it’ll be more on day two third place Jason Brenton Colby sprinkle 8.19 second place Victor Nelson Scott Nelson 8.31 and in first place Chad feel and Nick Gloucester eight point six zero all right that’s the end of the day’s tournament I’m heading home Cody’s gonna be taking my place and fishing by himself and he’s gonna be fishing basically staying with Brad Shane and Rick tomorrow and good job guys and we’ll just have to see how it all plays out for the final weigh-in tomorrow you

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