How to Cook a Sushi Dinner Party

Welcome back to another sushi video recipe, I am Chef Devaux and today I am going to show you how to make a sushi dinner platter. Now this was requested by a loyal viewer in the comments section of my prior videos. Basically what I am going to tell is do less, now what do I mean by less? I mean when a beginner tries to make sushi for many people what they do is try to over reach, they go and make 20 different sushi rolls, and they have 20 different ingredients to decide from. You go and make one with tuna, one with salmon, one with yellow-tail, one with octopus, one with crab, one with all sorts of stuff.

They go to the fish market and they are grabbing everything they can, just chuck it into all the sushi rolls. And then what you have is so much waste, and it takes so much time to stop and start, trying to make different types of sushi rolls. In a restaurant that’s fine because you make all the prep and you’re going to make six, seven, eight each and then that’s not a problem. But when you’re at home and you’re making one of each that’s when you waste so much. What you want to do is you want to make one amazing sushi roll, like the mosaic sushi roll, the flower sushi roll, the crispy deep fried sushi roll or many other of my sushi rolls that are amazing, and then you want to make one simple one and you want to top it with different types of things.

So it looks like you made 20 different sushi rolls but you only made two really. Much like when you make a cupcake and make the base and then you put different icing on the top, you do the same thing with this. Let’s go see how this is done. Simple Sushi Roll Here what I am going to make is a very simple salmon, cucumber, sushi roll using 120g of cooked sushi rice, which is about 4oz, and some water to wet your hands so that the rice doesn’t stick to your hands.

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